Specialized Athletes

“You need an edge. How you practice gives you that edge.”

–Bill O’Brien

Whatever your sport, developing an edge is necessary to propel yourself to the top.

Working with a competent coach that understands your goals and long-term aspirations is key. A coach who pays attention to your goals is more likely to progress your programming in a way that sets you up to peak at times most crucial to your success for important games, meets or scouting opportunities.

While learning to outperform your competitors, it is my top priority to keep every athlete injury-free by incorporating drills or movements that strengthen athletes from all angles. This approach ensures longevity for sport-specific movements and strength training.

My programs are designed to make athletes stronger, more powerful, and extraordinarily resilient.

Programs include:

  • Initial phone call/Skype consultation

  • Research-based exercise and supplement education

  • Evidence-based nutrition and consulting

  • Affordable online coaching with your own customized training goals

  • Specifically targeted programs for a specific sport and ultimate performance

  • Non-traditional training method demonstration

  • Movement analysis and technique feedback

  • Programming monitorization

  • Unlimited email and instant messaging communication

  • Support and accountability

The Essential hand and foot placements for three fundamental movements

Are you struggling to make most out of your fundamental movements and don’t know what’s wrong? Believe it or not, these little technique habits will make all the difference in your training.

Tell me what’s holding you back so I can help you achieve your goals.

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