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Hi, I’m Jonathan!

Most people who meet me think I must have always been into fitness and exercise, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Actually, I can’t even remember working out for the first time until I was almost done with high school.

I played a lot of different sports during my teenage years such as swimming, tennis, basketball, and football. Although naturally athletic and very mobile, at that time I wasn’t as good as some of the other guys on my teams. I had considered trying to exercise to improve my athletic skills, however, that wasn’t my main motivation. In fact, there was one moment that I remember ever so clearly, which became the catalyst to my obsession with exercise.

One day, while flipping through the channels on TV, I stumbled onto a WWE wrestling match. I wasn’t a big fan of professional wrestling, but I was blown away how impressive those guys looked. They were jacked, strong, fast, and I thought to myself “I want to make my body look like that.” Immediately, I knew I had to figure out how to make that happen.

Fortunately for me, my mom knew the weightlifting coach at my high school and I begged him to teach me how to lift. He obliged, and for the next 16 months, I spend 5-6 days a week working with him at the local YMCA. In between trips to the Y, I would spend hours using the old sand-filled weight-set at my house. Despite my lack of knowledge about proper recovery (haha), by the time I went off to college, I had a pretty decent frame and good foundation of lifting knowledge.

College was tough for me. I wasn’t great a student and I pulled Cs and Ds through the majority of my first two years. Heck, I was even considering dropping out. That is until I was flipping through the college program manual and saw that I could major in Exercise Science. After I took my first introductory weight training class, I met with my advisor who set me up in my first exercise science class and that’s it. I was hooked.

From that moment forward I cleaned my act up and I focused learning every bit of information I could. My grades skyrocketed, I locked down some internships, and I even committed to pursuing my graduate degree. Then, at the age of 22, I became an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist as well as a Certified Personal Trainer.

I felt like I was finally fulfilling my life’s purpose, but I knew that I had one milestone to reach: becoming one of the few to achieve a PhD in the science of exercise. Fortunately, the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque took a chance on me and gave me a full ride.

So here I am, four years later with my passion burning stronger than ever. I’ve spent the best years of my life learning and teaching about exercise and my personal mission is to bridge the gap between researchers and coaches. Having been on both sides, I have realized that the best solution is collaboration instead of contempt and that starts with guys like me making an impact on the field, in the gym, and at the forefront of the classroom.

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  • "There are few people in this industry that have not only walked the walk as a world class strength and conditioning specialist at the highest levels of sport and fitness but have the elite education to back up their methods. Dr. Mike is the type of innovative thinker who take take-real world problems in the gym, and back up the solution with the science. And that is the future of fitness and sports performance."

    Dr. John Rusin DPT, PT, CSCS
    Dr. John Rusin DPT, PT, CSCS Rusin Training Systems
  • "Jonathan Mike combines a scientific knowledge of training with years practical experience and teaches in a down to earth and simplified manner. He’s a true benefit to the fitness and conditioning field, and someone I recommend as a reliable and valuable training resource to learn from.”

    Nick Tumminello
    Nick Tumminello 2015 Personal Trainer Hall of Fame | 2016 NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year | Owner of Performance U, Training and Education
  • "Dr. Mike sets himself apart from countless researchers in the space due to his unique ability to not only contribute to great research, but also by making it highly practical to today’s strength coach. Whenever I need a quick overview of what’s changed in the research on a given topic, Jon is on a short-list of those I reach out to in order to make sure I’m staying current. In other words, he’s the antithesis of an “ivory tower” academic."

    Brett Bartholomew MS. Ed, CSCS*D, RSCC*D
    Brett Bartholomew MS. Ed, CSCS*D, RSCC*D Strength Coach & Best-Selling Author of Conscious Coaching.
  • "Jonathan Mike is one of the best in the business and he practices what he preaches! Jonathan is someone I personally have learned from for years. Not many people in this industry have the entire spectrum. The guy has it all, he's an experienced coach, published researcher, avid lifter, thoughtful teacher, and effective communicator!"

    Dr. Teddy Willsey PT, DPT, CSCS
    Dr. Teddy Willsey PT, DPT, CSCS Physical Therapist, Performance Coach
  • "I highly recommend Dr. Mike’s site for timely and scientifically sound information on training. He delivers a 1-2 punch of science and practical application."

    Jose Antonio PhD, CEO of the ISSN
    Jose Antonio PhD, CEO of the ISSN Professor at Nova Southeastern University
  • "I was very flattered when Dr. Mike asked me to write a testimonial for his website.  That being said, I would never agree to write a testimonial for someone I did not genuinely believe in and support! Jon really checks off most of my boxes: genuine, authentic, and bright as heck. I was able to be a co-contributor to a sport science blog with Dr. Jon over the past few years, and he brings a ton of value to his audience with his experience not only talking the talk but walking the walk as well. He does a fantastic job of presenting relevant and useful information to a wide audience, and anyone who gets to learn from him (including myself) should consider themselves very lucky!"

    Dr. Zachary Gabor PT, DPT, CSCS
    Dr. Zachary Gabor PT, DPT, CSCS Physical Therapist and Strength Coach at Boston PT & Wellness | Founder of The Level Up Initiative
  • “Working with Dr. Jon Mike is a great experience.  He is fabulously talented and knowledgeable about training but more importantly technique and how the body should maneuver. It is rare these days to find an individual that has both high level competition experience and intelligence at the doctorate level along with his countless certifications and articles that he has published.  It is a pleasure to work with Jon and learn from his years of experience and knowledge.”

    Jon B. Abbey
    Jon B. Abbey

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